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Roberta Hill "The Way of Reeds", 2002, drawing paper, colored pencil and colored marker 9" X 9 7/8"

No DAPL Lecture

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IAIA Vision Project

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Curriculum Guide

This 2011 educational guide is produced by the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) of Santa Fe, New Mexico as a component of The Vision Project. The MoCNA is a center of the Institute of American Indian Arts, a tribal college that has served as the epicenter for Native fine arts practice for almost half a century. The Vision Project is supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation’s Advancing the Dialogue on Native American Arts and Culture in Society. Nancy Marie Mithlo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Art History and American Indian Studies, University of Wisconsin – Madison is the guide’s author.

The goal of this educational curriculum guide and the accompanying book Manifestations: New Native Art Criticism is to provide leadership in the field of contemporary Native arts practice internationally, but especially in the United States and Canada, home to our constituents – the Institute of American Indian Arts students, staff and faculty.

Examine or download the Download Manifestations Curriculum Guide

Anthropological Types

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Critical Perspective in Museum Studies

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Occidental College ARTH 254
Critical Perspectives in Museum Studies

Shigeyuki Kihara

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The Archive

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The Gaze - National Geographic

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Without Sanctuary

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American Indian Art Syllabus

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2014 Occidental College ARTH 190
American Indian Art History

American Indians in Film syllabus

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Occidental College ARTH 250
American Indians in Film

Occidental College

Native American Expert Joins Faculty, February 13, 2014

A Real Feminine Journey

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Americana Indian

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Boas and Exhibits

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Native American Education

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Repatriation debates

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