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Media/2021/Kemper Install Gallery 2/Kemper_Install_Gallery_2.jpg
Dyani White Hawk, I Am Your Relative, 2020
photo-sculpture. installation dimensions variable. photographs: 70 x 38 inches each
Courtesy of the artist and Bockley Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Essay for Hear Her: Works by Dyani White Hawk List Gallery at Swarthmore College.

"Sequencing and repetition done harmoniously is a mainstay of Indigenous aesthetics – in music, in ceremony and in visual arts. There is a glorious simplicity in the stacking of beads across a surface, of the movement of fringe swaying in unison along a line of dancers, and of the power of many voices in accompaniment to a drum. These registers of seeing, of comprehending and of uplifting the spirit are all available if one is attuned to the prompts and attends to the local. Getting closer moves the viewer towards White Hawk’s ultimate aim of cultural understanding and compassion. Moving closer also leads the viewer to an appreciation of the vibrancy and power of contemporary Native arts practices." –Nancy Marie Mithlo