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Gloria Emerson, "Untitled" 1991-2007. Acrylic on canvas. 56" X 60". Photographer Walter BigBee, The Big Picture
School of Advanced Research
Within and Outside - The American Indian Presence at the Venice Biennale, 1999-2009

The Center for the History of Print Culture in Modern America, University of Wisconsin - Madison
A Native Intelligence - The Poolaw Photography Project 2008

Aboriginal Curatorial Collective and TRIBE
Corralling Art - Aboriginal Curatorial Practice in the Prairies and Beyond - "Venice - Love it or Leave it" May 16-19, 2007

Arizona State University - Museums and Native American Knowledges - October 28, 2006
American Indians and Museums - The Love/Hate Relationship at Thirty

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Curatorial Voices in Contemporary Art

2017 Self and Others: Why Not Knowing May be a Good Thing
2017 The Indigenous Other
2016 Endangered
2016 Richard Ray Whitman
2015 Playing Indian
2012 TED Talk
2011-2012 SAR Fellow Presentations
1999 Ceremonial