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Knowing Native Arts Reviews


The Art Bulletin 104:3 (2022) by Manuela Well-Off-Man. 

"Both Deloria's and Mithlo's publications are written from the perspective of senior academics during a dynamic era of Indigenous self-determination. Becoming Mary Sully and Knowing Native Arts are also both deeply personal books that blend family and tribal experiences with significant scholarship and reflection on the field of modern and contemporary Native American art."
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American Indian Culture and Research Journal 44:1 (2020) by Gerald Clarke

"Mithlo’s understanding of the subject is evident in her grasp of the issues facing Native artists, arts curators, and academic and museum professionals, as well as the finer details of the inability of curators and art historians outside of Native communities to grasp Indigenous perspectives. Simply stated, Mithlo knows Native arts."
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American Indian Quarterly 46:1-2 (2022) by Benjamin P. Davis

"It would be difficult to overstate the importance of Mithlo’s style with a view toward actual changes in the accessibility of the academy. She provides a point of relatable entry in what is otherwise a competitive and often demeaning context."
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